massage and body treatments

Back Massage – 30 minutes

Includes neck and shoulder massage using a blend of essential oils that improve muscle tension and stress. Increases blood flow and circulation. This can aid in recovery of muscle soreness from physical activity. (suitable for those who have busy schedules).

Swedish Relaxation Massage - 60 Minutes

A nurturing class massage promoting relaxation and well-being which is performed by a qualified therapist who will assess and focus on the areas of need. It helps increase the level of oxygen in the blood and decreases muscle toxins and improves circulation and flexibility while easing tensions.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 Minutes

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. The soothing warm stones are placed on specific parts of your body that helps release pressure and tension. Also helps reduce stress, tired aching muscles and promotes well-being.

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Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage - 15 minutes

This massage focuses on the three higher chakras; Mind-body and Spirit. With the focus on your head, neck and shoulders will help reduce aches, pains, tension in your neck, back and shoulders. May help improve the texture of your hair and encourage stronger and healthier hair.The use of fragrant oil can stimulate as well which provides relaxation. We have a wide range of fragrant oil for you to choose from.

Exfoliating and Smoothing Body Scrubs

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massage and body treatments

Back massage (30mins) $45.00

Swedish Relaxation Body (60mins) $90.00

Hot Stone Body Massage (60mins) $95.00

Indian Head Massage (15mins) $25.00

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